After School Enrichments

Keyboard Lessons

One-on-one keyboard lessons are offered by a trained instructor.

Music Enrichment Class

In the music enrichment, students will be exposed to quality music of various genres and of great composers. They will have the opportunity to improvise and learn beginning basics of composition. The children will cultivate a love of music through the development of:
  • Ear training – recognition of pitch, rhythm, dynamics, phrasing
  • Families of instruments – identifying instruments and their unique traits
  • Visual discrimination – note recognition, the grand staff, ledger lines
  • Physical movement – legato, staccato, tempo changes
  • Ensemble skills – following a conductor, singing on pitch, playing instruments
  • Parachute

    Art Enrichment Class

    Children will explore and learn about famous artists throughout history. Children will learn the unique techniques, style and media artists use to create their work. Focus will also be made on the time the artists were alive and what life was like. Children will recreate the artwork using their creative imagination and inspiration.
    Yoga After School Enrichments

    Yoga/Mindfulness Enrichment Class

    Children enrolled in The Mindful Child’s yoga enrichment program will enjoy a variety of activities. Children spend time talking about kindness, acceptance, and self-love, and practice embodying these concepts through cooperative games and activities. Classes will include movement/yoga postures, breath work, and relaxation, some will focus on mindfulness with projects designed to help keep their minds in the present moment and in a state of gratitude.
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