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We are happy to announce the toddler program, for children ages 18 months to 3 years, will be reinstated for the 2024/25 school year!

Join us for our open houses on Wednesday December 13, 2023 and Saturday January 20, 2024 from 9:30-11:30am!

Pincushion Hill is currently accepting new students ages 2 years 9 months – 6 years in our full day, half day and after school programs.

We are accepting new students for our summer 2024 camp!

Call 508-881-2123 or email to set up a tour and for more information.

We are Pincushion Hill Montessori School

Pincushion Hill Montessori School is an independent, non-profit school that has been educating children ages 2 years 9 months through 6 years since 1962. We offer an exemplary education for preschool and kindergarten children based on the Montessori method.

We are a diverse community of teachers, parents, and children working together for the education of the child. We provide an individualized, multi-sensory curriculum based upon the belief that all children can reach their personal and academic potential. As an authentic Montessori school, we nurture intelligence, curiosity, and imagination while supporting and developing each student’s unique talents. As a community we foster self-confidence, leadership, diversity, and respect for self and others.

We are passionate about cultivating your child’s love of learning. Each and every day, our students arrive at Pincushion excited to greet their friends and participate in new discoveries.They are truly the inspiration for the thoughtful work we do creating a vibrant space to engage in genuine Montessori education.

The knowledge, respect and self-awareness your children experience will undoubtedly serve them well in their quest for happiness and success.

The future belongs to those who think outside of the box, solve problems and create new solutions.

Hands For Core Values

Core Values

  • We share a respect for self, others, our world and our environment.
  • We teach students independence, critical thinking, social grace and courtesy.
  • We strive to instill in our students a love of learning.
  • We teach students through hands-on, individualized experiences.
  • We believe all adults in our community are role models.
  • Montessori Method

    The Montessori method works because it is based on observing the activities of each child within a well-defined learning environment. Within the Montessori environment, children engage in activities of their choice during the work cycle. A trained adult observes and assists as appropriate. It is the child’s self-directed and purposeful activity that leads to greater independence, concentration, and rapid personal growth.

    Children are to be respected as different from adults and as individuals who are different from one another.

    Children develop through purposeful activity.

    Children have the sensitivity and the intellectual ability to learn from their environment, their peers, as well as adults.
    The whole child approach is the primary goal of a Montessori program. This is to help each child reach his or her full potential in all areas of life. Indoor and outdoor activities promote the development of special skills, emotional growth, and physical coordination, as well as cognitive preparation.
    Dr. Montessori’s observations of the kinds of experiences that children enjoy and go back to repeatedly led her to design a number of multi-sensory, sequential, and self-correcting materials that facilitate the learning of skills and lead to learning of abstract ideas.

    A Montessori prepared environment includes the outdoors, as well as the indoors, and is filled with time-tested, hands-on materials that meet specific learning needs and encourage positive brain development. Above all, the Montessori prepared environments are attractive to children and peaceful, giving children a place to learn and grow in grace and dignity.

    Practical Life






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    School Tour

    Schedule a Tour

    Montessori classes are different from traditional structured classrooms, so we encourage you to visit and explore our school and beautiful gardens. We offer daily tours and classroom observations by appointment only.

    Contact us at or call 508-881-2123 to arrange your visit.

    Montessori Curriculum at Pincushion Hill

    The Pincushion Hill Montessori environment provides a gentle way to learn that leads to a world-class education without the stress found in most schools. Our students enjoy school because we focus on the potential of the individual child while encouraging independence. Pincushion Hill offers an ideal setting for your child if you are looking to inspire him or her to develop a lifelong love of learning.

    Childrens House

    The Early Childhood Environment: Pre-School- Kindergarten

    From Ages 2.9 thru 6 years old

    The Montessori Children’s House is a warm, peaceful, and welcoming Montessori pre-school and kindergarten program.There is a deep sense of respect between the teachers and the children.
    The Montessori Children’s House is a warm, peaceful, and welcoming Montessori pre-school and kindergarten program.There is a deep sense of respect between the teachers and the children. Through grace and courtesy exercises,we teach children how to problem solve conflicts, how to interact politely in various situations and how to be kind and helpful to their friends. The result is a cohesive community of young children. The spacious child-sized environment and multi-age Montessori classroom encourages older children of the environment to foster leadership skills. The younger children benefit by having role models in the classroom. In the Children’s House, even the most shy 5 year old is encouraged to practise a leadership role.The younger children will look up to she and ask for her help and assistance. This process in turn is the confidence builder that children need in their development.

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