Music Program

The music program at Pincushion allows the child to express oneself fully while learning how to participate with other classmates as well as individually. The students will learn the basic elements that make up music such as rhythm, tempo, pitch, dynamics, and more. They will then put these elements to use as they create goals through weekly songs, exercises, instrument playing and singing, as well as reading and writing music. The music they perform and create will be in relation to various cultures and coincide with their curriculums. We offer general music classes as well as private lessons and after school enrichment.

Children’s House students will be able to:

  • Perform various rhythms including quarter notes, half and whole notes
  • Sing and match pitches with voice and instrument playing
  • Play and sing with dynamics. Soft, medium, and loud
  • Respond and listen to various music styles and songs
  • Memorize song verses and sing-alongs with correct pitch
  • Identify different instruments tone/tambre

Elementary students will be able to:

  • Read and write notes on a music staff
  • Perform and recognize more complex rhythms, eighth and sixteenth notes
  • Improvise/create on various instruments
  • Identify instruments through listening and playing
  • Sing and accompany each other in group performances
  • Use dynamics loud/soft in written songs and improvisation
  • Pitch matching and singing major and minor scales
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