The music program at Pincushion teaches the child self-expression and creativity through listening, performing, and responding. The curriculum is based on the National Standards for Music Education where the child will sing, play instruments, improvise, compose, read and notate music, and understand music in relation to history, culture, and disciplines outside the arts.

Children’s House students will be able to:

  • Sing on pitch alone and with others
  • Maintain a steady beat
  • Perform simple rhythms on percussion instruments
  • Echo short rhythmic and melodic patterns
  • Identify different dynamics and tempos
  • Recognize timbres of various instruments
  • Respond to music through dance and movement

Elementary students will be able to:

  • Sing rounds and songs in two or more parts
  • Perform in groups on percussion instruments, recorders, and hand bells
  • Compose and improvise within specific guidelines
  • Read notes on a staff
  • Identify different genres and styles of music
  • Describe music using musical terms