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Children’s House Art

The Children’s House art curriculum provides the students with developmentally appropriate lessons that utilize and strengthen fine motor skills. As the children learn techniques to control a wide variety of art materials, they are also allowed freedom of creative expression to successfully produce individual and unique works of art. Our classes will focus on foundational elements of visual art, such as color, shape, line, texture, and pattern, and will be exposed to famous works by master artists throughout history.

Elementary Art

The Elementary art curriculum provides the children with lessons that continue to build on foundational skills in the arts, such as line, shape, and form and further develop advanced concepts such as value, shading, texture, and composition. While learning techniques to control a wide variety of art materials, the students will be enabled to achieve a desired result as they execute an idea into a visual format. The students will also have the opportunity to make personal decisions in design, which will allow them to fully express themselves in creative and unique ways. Throughout the year, our program will be enriched by exposure to great works of art done by masters throughout history.

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